Kings & Queens Ninja man

Ninja Man, gave Magnum Kings and Queens the nod of approval

Dancehall legend and ‘Don Gorgon’ Ninja Man, gave the ninth season of Magnum Kings and Queens the nod of approval on last Saturday’s edition of the show.

Ninja Man joined the show’s panel of judges Skatta Burrell, Miss Kitty and Professor Nuts as a guest and was completely floored by the level of talent of the show’s top six performers: Magnum Princes Zigma, Shemdon and Accid and Princesses Clymax, Mi Ya Estro and Mystery P.

“Ah the best Magnum show this. Accid did have the wickedest lyrics inna the show. Ah the best artiste dem this weh me ever see pon Magnum, me nuh care what nobody say. This is the show!” said the Gorgon.

“It’s not my first time being a guest judge on Magnum [Kings and Queens]. Seeing what Magnum is producing right now – this time the team sit down and really fine tune and pick a proper set of artistes; and these artistes are some artistes that deliver, them have good lyrics, them know how to perform… them remind me of the eighties artistes because me get to laugh, me get fi enjoy good lyrics. Me need some of the artiste them weh a record right now fi take a page out of them young people book. Yuh nuh haffi go the slack way and the nasty way and the careless way. Lyrics deh weh you can talk weh people can laugh,” reiterates Ninja Man.